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SRS - Casting champions

Setting the Standard

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SRS continues to invest in an in-house research and development laboratory. Our expert technicians are striving:

  1. To make better products which exceed customer requirements
  2. To understand our own products better through scientific analysis
  3. To become the leading producer in our field through product performance

Service & Support

At SRS we are driven by the desire to support our partners and customers worldwide, with the highest standard of service possible:

  1. We listen and understand what you need
  2. We solve problems using experienced jewellery technicians
  3. We want to build better global relationships

Quality Control

Alongside developing product quality, our laboratory staff test every batch of product, to the limit, to ensure it meets our exacting standards:

  1. ISO9001 quality system guarantees consistency from batch to batch
  2. only the highest quality raw materials sourced, to ensure the best finished products
  3. test castings produced as part of the ISO9001 process
  4. continuous improvement of the quality system

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