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PT 960

A premium 1 part investment for platinum & stainless steel.

PT 960 has been engineered by GRS – tried and tested for many years by jewellery manufactures worldwide. Containing only the best ingredients PT 960 is proven to give the highest possible surface finish along with consistent repeatable results.


  • Ability to cast at higher flask temperatures – less surface finish reaction
  • Best possible definition on fine filigree work
  • Ability to mix large batches each cast
  • Reduced finishing time post casting due to better surface finish
  • Fast setting time (compared to alternative products)
  • Invest to burnout within 5 hours*
  • Water / Powder Ratio 30:100

Product Packaging

Box : 7Kg


Do not burnout flasks until the investment has fully set (5-7 hours). During this period the flasks should not be touched, this includes stripping bases and removing vacuum tape. Do not load flasks into a hot furnace.

Always follow the recommended burnout cycle and never place flasks closer than 15mm to elements. Always ensure that you do not over or under load your furnace, as this will affect the burnout cycle.


Do not remove flasks from the furnace to cast until they have been held at casting temperature for a minimum of 1 hour.

If held for less than 1 hour, the core of the flasks will be at a much higher temperature than the digital temperature display states, and may result in metal mould reaction.